About Us

The Vassar Asian American Studies Working Group is a coalition of students working towards the establishment of a substantive Asian American Studies program that is part of the larger field of critical ethnic studies. We seek to build on the work of past Vassar student activists who have been pushing for the introduction of an Asian American Studies program for over forty years. Our working group has advocated for Asian American Studies through visual media and social media campaigns, tabling events, workshops led by prominent scholars, and meetings with the college administration. We function as a space for political education, activism, and community building.

(*We are not an affinity space, all are welcome to join!)

Contact Info

Our email is vassarasam@gmail.com. Feel free also to follow us on Instagram (@vassarasam) or on Twitter (@VassarASAM).

This website was written by Gabor Ptacek (Vassar '22) and Spencer McGrath (Vassar '21), and built by Johnson Lin (Vassar '21). It is hosted by GitHub Pages. If you have any technical questions, feel free to email Johnson (johnsonlin@vassar.edu). The link to the GitHub repository is here.